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Each handcrafted Artist As Guide episode is built to arm you with actionable steps and shifts to embolden your Artist Role-not just within your creative medium, but throughout every aspect of your day-to-day.


Whatever the roles are that you play out in your life, let’s roll up sleeves and dig into your unbelievable capacity for spontaneity, innovation & creativity.  Through your Artist Role, let’s strengthen connections: not only within your craft, but within your life.

The Chronic Procrastination Assessment
How Much Has Chronic Procrastination Cost You? | The Procrastination System
Invisible Disability & Creativity (5 Lessons I've Learned) | Artist As Guide
How Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Feel? (My Experience) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
I Am Invisibly Disabled (My Full Story) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
Creativity IS NOT a Luxury (It's A Survival Skill) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
Transform Your Chronic Procrastination: The Procrastination System
4 Tools For Moderating Media Consumption During Uncertainty | ARTIST AS GUIDE
6 Reasons To Take Procrastination Seriously | ARTIST AS GUIDE
COMPLETE Your Dream Project in 12-Months (Part 3) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
COMPLETE Your Dream Project in 12-Months (Part 2) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
COMPLETE Your Dream Project in 12-Months (Part 1) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
4 Lessons From Mom About Creativity | ARTIST AS GUIDE
7 Types of Procrastination (Procrastination Assessment) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
Actors, Mental Health & Well-Being | ARTIST AS GUIDE | The Sunglass Series-Episode 2
Protect Your Attention Span (& Feel More Creative) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
An Interview with Twisting the Plot (FULL PODCAST) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
Fear Of The Unknown & Creativity | ARTIST AS GUIDE | The Sunglass Series-Episode 1
How To Take On "Hard Work" (& Make Creative Progress) | ARTIST AS GUIDE
Chronic Procrastination & How To Transform It | THE PROCRASTINATION SYSTEM (An Invite)
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